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Civil Defence

Council's primary civil defence emergency management responsibility is to ready the Kawerau Community for response in times of disaster through heightened awareness and good planning.

Council promotes public awareness and education programmes, training and volunteers, exercises and provides support and co-ordination for community groups that will have roles in the event of a major disaster.

Council maintains a "ready to set up" facility if an emergency occurs, a welfare organisation and a rescue unit.

You Can Receive Free Txt Alerts

For when the chips are down and the balloon goes up, sign up to receive FREE Emergency Email and/or Text Alerts by clicking the 'Subscribe to Emergency Alerts' button on the side. The free alerts will let you know if there is a significant emergency in the region. The texts, from Bay of Plenty Civil Defence Emergency Management, will be sent only for serious threats to life and property, such as tsunami warnings, major earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides and severe weather events where time is of the essence in getting people to take action. The system will be used only for serious threats, and include a very short simple message outlining the threat and telling people to listen to the radio for more information.

Once the threat is over, people will also get an all-clear message.

To sign up for the free alerts, click the red alert button on the side.


When Disaster Strikes

Knowing what is happening in the event of a disaster can help keep you and your family safe.

To keep up with what is happening and what you should do, tune into the local radio station 1XX for updates
and messages from Civil Defence.

Click on the 1xx logo to listen to 1XX Live Stream on-line, or tune your radio to one of the frequencies listed there.

 (clicking this link will launch your media player)


Personal Preparation

You can help in the following ways:

As a guide, you should have enough food and water for each person to last three days and a few other essentials:

If you have family pets, you need to include them in your planning.

For further information, contact the Civil Defence Officer at the Council, 07 306 9009.

Useful Links

The Kawerau, Whakatane and Opotiki District councils have a combined Emergency Management plan. Click on this link for the latest information.

Or click on any of these logos to flyover to:

the Civil Defence pages at Environment BOP.

or the Get Ready Get Thru site

or the Ministry of Internal Affairs Emergency Management

Useful Documents

Click on these links to download the current versions of these Civil Defence plans.

Business Disaster Recovery Plan Click to Download Reader 80 Kb

Community Disaster Recovery Plan Click to Download Reader 126 Kb

Emergency Management Plan Click to Download Reader 256 Kb

Evacuation Plan Click to Download Reader 193 Kb

Pandemic Plan Click to Download Reader 126 Kb