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Shared services

What is BOPLASS?

Kawerau District Council is a shareholder in BOPLASS Ltd, a council-controlled organisation (CCO) owned by the eight councils in the Bay of Plenty. It has been set up to foster shared services between local authorities in the Bay of Plenty/Gisborne regions and elsewhere.

Objectives of BOPLASS Ltd

Working together with the full support and involvement of staff, BOPLASS provides benefit to councils and their stakeholders through improved levels of service, reduced costs, improved efficiency and/or increased value through innovation.

These benefits are achieved primarily through:

For more information on BOPLASS visit

Documents published by BOPLASS Ltd, including the annual statements of intent and annual reports, can be found on the Documents page of the above website.

BOPLASS Statement of Intent

This final version of the 2016-17 Statement of Intent was approved by the BOPLASS Board on April 29, 2016. BOPLASS Statement of Intent 2016-17 Click 406 kB

BOPLASS Annual Report

This final version of the 2015-16 Annual Report has been accepted and approved by the BOPLASS Board. BOPLASS Annual Report 2015-16 Click  3.5 MB