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Dog Control

Dog Registration and Control

The registration of dogs is a statutory obligation under the Dog Control Act 1996. There are around 1,250 dogs registered with Council. Council operates an Approved Owner Scheme which provides reduced registration fees to qualifying owners. The Dog Registration section of the comprehensive Fees & Charges Click (85 Kb) document has the current fees for all council services relating to dogs.

The Dog Control 2011 Click to Download Reader 60 Kb by-law and the Dog Policy Click to Download Reader 37 Kb was adopted by Council in February 2011.

As well as registering their dogs, dog owners are required to:

Council maintains a dog pound and undertakes dog control in the District. Council's dog control service provides 24/7 coverage to deal with dog attacks, roaming, barking and other complaints. All complaints and reports of incidents can be phone to 07 306 9009, anytime day or night.

These are commonly used documents and can be downloaded here: Dog Registration 2017-18 Click 86 kB, Approved dog owner scheme Click to Download Reader 51 kB, Barking Dog Brochure Click to Download Reader 38 kB, Change of address Click to Download Reader 57 kB, Dogs - Change of Ownership Click 27 kBKennel licence application Click to Download Reader 36 kB, Kennel licence pamphlet Click to Download Reader 52 kB, Summary of Rights Click to Download Reader 66 kB.

Dog Exercise Areas

The following areas, which can be seen on the Kawerau Street Map Click to Download Reader 198 Kb, are designated dog exercise areas:

Where any organised activity is being undertaken on playing fields and reserves, including specified dog exercise areas, dogs must be restrained as if in a public place.

For further information, contact the Council's Dog Control Officer, phone (07) 306 9009.

Policy and Practice Reports

Dog Control - Policy and Practices Report 08/09 Click to Download Reader 100 kB

Dog Control - Policy and Practices Report 09/10 Click to Download Reader 100 kB

Dog Control - Policy and Practices Report 10/11 Click to Download Reader 102 kB

Dog Control - Policy and Practices Report 11/12 Click 4.9 MB

Dog Control - Policy and Practices Report 12/13Click  243 kB

Dog Control - Policy and Practices Report 13/14Click 176 kB

Dog Control - Policy and Practices Report 14/15 Click 866 kB

 Dog Control - Policy and Practices Report 15/16 Click 250 kB