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A Strategy is a document that outlines the Council's vision for the future and the planned actions for how to achieve that vision.

The Youth Strategy was updated in 2016. Youth Strategy Click 717 kB

The Age-Friendly and Accessible Kawerau Strategy was adopted in December 2016. Age-Friendly and Accessible Kawerau Strategy Click 50 kB. This replaced the 2012 Positive Ageing Strategy.

The Crime Reduction Strategy was adopted in September 2015. Crime Reduction Strategy Click 224 kB


Policies provide a framework for clear and consistent Council decision making. Councils are required under legislation to adopt policies on certain issues and may also choose to make policies on other matters as necessary.

Kawerau District Council policies that have recently been reviewed are available on this page. Others are available in hard copy from the District Office.

Board Venues Click 22 kB

Cemetery Memorials, Ornamentation and Multiple Interments Policy Click 33 kB

Community Awards Click 28 kB

Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Click to Download Reader 67 kB

Dog Policy Click to Download Reader 37 kB

Easter Sunday Shop Trading Click  24kB

Election Signs Policy (2016) Click  31 kB

Freedom Camping Click 29 kB

Gambling Venues Click  26 kB

Investment Click 58.1 kB

Library Membership Click to Download Reader 23 kB

Local Alcohol Policy Click 786 kB (As amended October 2016)

Methamphetamine Building Contaminations Click 24 kB

Public Communications by Elected Members in a Pre-Election PeriodClick 61 kB

Significance and Engagement Policy Click to Download Reader 58 kB

Smoke-Free Public Places Policy Click 40 kB

Street Trees Management Click 28kB


Flying Drones (UAVs) in the Kawerau District Click 31kB