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Library And Museum

The Kawerau District Library/Sir James Fletcher Kawerau Museum

Street Address: Jellicoe Court, Kawerau

Postal Address: P.O. Box 103, Kawerau, 3169

Phone: (07) 306 9041


Opening Hours

Monday-Friday 10am-5pm
Saturday 10am-1pm

Closed Hours

Labour Day 24 October 2016

News And Events


The Kawerau District Library & Sir James Fletcher Kawerau Museum have joined social media with our recently launched Facebook page. If you're a Facebook fan, it's a great way to keep up with news as it happens. So, to find out all our action, check it out! 

New Exhibitions At The Museum

Houses under construction - Newall, Galway, Norrie, Fitzgerald, Forsaith Streets (Vernon no: 2014.30)

Growing A Town

The Sir James Fletcher Kawerau Museum has opened a new exhibition Growing A Town. This follows on from our previous 60th anniversary exhibitions and charts the progress of Kawerau as it grew as a community through the 1950s period. Most small towns start with a few basic buildings and grow gradually from there. Kawerau’s journey was very different with the 1950s being an era of rapid growth, from farmland to a complete town with many of the services and amenities we still use today, all done over a six year period. The exhibition is on display in the inner gallery at the Sir James Fletcher Kawerau Museum.


Sarah's Journey

The Rio Olympics have been and while our Olympian, Sarah Walker, missed out with injuries this time, the Sir James Fletcher Kawerau Museum thought it was a great occasion to look back at the highlights of Sarah's BMX career plus show the local kids that she grew up in Kawerau to compete on the international stage. Sarah has always been generous sharing her journey with the Kawerau community and it's our way of saying thank-you. The exhibition is on display in the foyer of the Kawerau District Library for the next few months plus we have a flyer of facts you can take away. 

Please Support Kete Kawerau

The Kawerau District Library and Sir James Fletcher Kawerau Museum has launched a website Kete Kawerau to collect the stories and images of Kawerau. Visitors can view the Kete Kawerau on the APNK computer service or go online at to add your own material. Kete Kawerau has been created to capture and preserve the historical and current memories, stories, and activities of the Kawerau community and we need you to share your stories and images, past and present.

As part of our current Museum displays, we are asking people to share their memories of Kawerau's history, particularly Baby Stories, and you can add yours online or come in and see the Museum and Library staff. Donations of original documents and photos are also appreciated. Kete Kawerau is your place to add online material about Kawerau's current and past history so please help us by adding your stories for future generations to enjoy.

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