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Library And Museum

The Kawerau District Library/Sir James Fletcher Kawerau Museum

Street Address: Jellicoe Court, Kawerau

Postal Address: P.O. Box 103, Kawerau, 3169

Phone: (07) 306 9041


Opening Hours

Monday-Friday 10am-5pm
Saturday 10am-1pm

News And Events

Kawerau College 1960s Vernon no 2013.75

Museum Exhibition At Tarawera High School

Tarawera High School is celebrating the past and future of education in Kawerau Wednesday 24 June with an exhibition prepared by Sir James Fletcher Kawerau Museum. It is a chance for the public to spend some time in the old school hall before it is demolished next month and we have some great photos to display of Kawerau College and the people who have been involved with the school over the decades.

2.30pm: Displays open to the public
6.00pm: Performances and presentations

Queen Elsa Is Coming                                                                                                                                   

Queen Elsa of Frozen fame (also known as X-Factor contestant Jazzy Axton) is visiting Kawerau as part of the Kawerau District Library's freezing school holiday activities. Queen Elsa will be singing songs from the movie, playing a game and giving away book prizes about her adventures. This event is being held in the Concert Chamber, Monday 6 July, at 11am and is a free event open to all, but aimed for the younger fans. We also have lots of other great happenings in the holidays to keep all ages amused so check out our Kidzone page for more info!

Facebook Page Now Live

The Kawerau District Library & Sir James Fletcher Kawerau Museum have joined social media with our recently launched Facebook page. If you're a Facebook fan, it's a great way to keep up with news as it happens. So, to find out all our action, check it out! 

Local Author's Success Continues

Author Sacha Cotter who grew up in Kawerau has just had her Sacha Cotter at the Kawerau District Libraryfirst published picture books selected as finalists in the New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards. Her book Keys is a finalist in the picture book section and the te reo version Ngā Ki  is a finalist in Māori language award section. In these picture books, as Dad tucks his daughter into bed, he tells her fantastically imaginative stories about the keys on his key ring and what they unlock - from a zippenburger that takes him to work, to a rocket to collect space noodles, a treasure box in the jungle, a chocolate biscuit factory where he taste tests all the biscuits, and a paddock where he rides a woolly mammoth that only eats yellow food.  Sacha’s proud Mum, Sheryl Cotter, says inspiration for the stories come from Sacha’s childhood where she remembers Dad coming home from night shift, hearing the rattle of his keys and knowing everything's ok. Something many children who grew up in Kawerau can relate to. Ngā Ki  was also nominated as a finalist in Te Kura Pounamu section of the LIANZA Children's Book Awards competition. We were lucky enough to have Sacha read these books at the Library last December and wish her congratulations on her nominations. 

New Exhibitions At The Museum

Lego Stormtrooper


LEGO has arrived in the community cabinets at the Sir James Fletcher Kawerau Museum. Our local collector has themed this exhibition on the LEGO licensed sets based on movies, TV and computer games. The first licensed sets (Star Wars & Winnie the Pooh) were issued by LEGO in 1999, and our collector has been collecting ever since. The number of licensed themes has grown to include a diverse range such as Indiana Jones, Batman, Cars, Toy Story, Pirates of the Carribean, Harry Potter and of course the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. There have also been a few misses along the way such as Prince of Persia which only ever had one set created. This mini-exhibition runs through January to March, so come in and view.  


60 Year Council LogoThe Sir James Fletcher Kawerau Museum is celebrating  60 years of Kawerau District Council service with an exhibition – Diamonds are a Council’s Best Friend – which opened mid September. On the 31st March 1954, the Governor General by Order in Council established the borough of Kawerau, excising 1330 acres from the Territory of Whakatane County. And since that date, the Council has been integral to the development of the Kawerau community. We thought this anniversary was a great opportunity to share some of the stories and people behind the scenes who have made Kawerau function over 60 years of service. You can see how much the rates were in 1971/72 or come in and find out who the streets and parks of Kawerau are named for. This exhibition can be viewed in the Museum (through the Library) and the windows of 16-18 Jellicoe Court. 

Please Support Kete Kawerau

The Kawerau District Library and Sir James Fletcher Kawerau Museum has launched a website Kete Kawerau to collect the stories and images of Kawerau. Visitors can view the Kete Kawerau on the APNK computer service or go online at to add your own material. Kete Kawerau has been created to capture and preserve the historical and current memories, stories, and activities of the Kawerau community and we need you to share your stories and images, past and present.

As part of our current Museum displays, we are asking people to share their memories of Kawerau's history, particularly Baby Stories, and you can add yours online or come in and see the Museum and Library staff. Donations of original documents and photos are also appreciated. Kete Kawerau is your place to add online material about Kawerau's current and past history so please help us by adding your stories for future generations to enjoy.

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