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Catalogue & Databases

Library Catalogue

The Library has an electronic catalogue which lists all the Librarys resources and collections. This catalogue is available by visiting the Library at Jellicoe Court, Kawerau and online using the catalogue button.


E-books & E-audiobooks

The Kawerau District Library now has e-books and e-audiobooks available to download through the Nove-L consortium using the Overdrive platform.  Library card holders will be able to check out and download digital media anytime, anywhere.

Nove-L – Northern virtual e-Library is a collaborative venture between several public libraries in the upper North Island of New Zealand offering access to quality digital content for their local communities. The OverDrive service is a free digital media platform which allows you to download eBooks and audiobooks. OverDrive is a free digital distributor of eBooks and audiobooks.  You can browse the collection, check out with your library card, and download to PC, Mac, and many mobile devices. To get started, you will need to install free software. For audiobooks: OverDrive Media Console. To read eBooks, you'll need Adobe Digital Editions. Titles can be enjoyed immediately or transferred to a variety of devices, including iPod, Sony Reader, and many others. Some audio titles can also be burned to CD to listen on-the-go. Four titles are the maiximum that can be borrowed and titles are issued for a period of two weeks. You can also place holds on titles that are already borrowed.

Treaty Of Waitangi Collection: You can access online the Bridget Williams Books Treaty of Waitangi Collection through our Library Catalogue. These books are only available to read online only.

The BWB Texts Collection: You can  access online the Bridget Williams Books Texts Collection through our Library Catalogue. This is a collection of short books on big subjects published by Bridget Williams Books. These books are only available to read online only.

Library Databases

The Library hosts a number of databases which are available only to Kawerau Library members. These include: Epic Databases, GivUS (formerly Fundview), GivME (formerly Breakout), New Zealand Libraries Catalogue, Index New Zealand. These databases can now be accessed through the Library catalogue above.


GivUS (formerly Fundview) details many sources of funding available to community groups. The types of funding schemes include government, philanthropic, local government, statutory trusts, local trusts and service organisations. GivUS can be easily searched by district where your group is based, kaupapa/purpose of your organisation, characteristics of the people that your organisation works with, and the activity that you're seeking funding for. GivUS shows you what will and won't be considered by a funder, what the fund was set up to achieve, maximum grants, application closing dates, application requirements and process, and contact details. This database is only available for use by visiting the Library at Jellicoe Court, Kawerau or by logging in with your library card and online password through the Library Catalogue.

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GiveME (formerly Breakout) is New Zealand's biggest collection of information about awards, scholarships and grants for individual development. GivME is the primary source of information about funding for study and professional development in New Zealand. GivME contains details of over 2,900 funding schemes for individuals in New Zealand and is used by hundreds of information organisations. GivME enables you to find out about types of study/activity/grant funded, where you can study, preferred subjects, how to apply, value and tenure of the fund, candidate selection criteria, and application closing dates. This database is only available for use by visiting the Library at Jellicoe Court, Kawerau or by logging in with your library card and online password through the Library Catalogue.

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Epic Databases

EPIC - short for Electronic Purchasing In Collaboration - is a shared initiative of New Zealand Libraries. In a move that is the first of its kind in New Zealand, public, education, research and special libraries have joined together to buy collective access to tens of thousands of electronic resources that can be used by people from all parts of the country. The advantage of electronic databases is they have been chosen because of their ease of use, usefulness and the quality of the content. In most cases the resources contain information that has been professionally evaluated and selected from respected and established publications. Many of these publications are not available on the Internet and can only be accessed through paid subscription services. These databases can be accessed by visiting the Library at Jellicoe Court, Kawerau or from the Library catalogue.


New Zealand Libraries Catalogue (Te Puna Search)

The New Zealand Libraries Catalogue (Te Puna Search)  is a web-based search service giving access to what is held in New Zealand libraries and worldwide. Te Puna Search is the view of the combined catalogue of New Zealand libraries on WorldCat, so customers can limit their search to the holdings of New Zealand libraries or widen their search to include worldwide library holdings. To use this site, visit the National Library Te Puna Search page.

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Index New Zealand

Index New Zealand (INNZ) describes over half a million articles published in New Zealand over the past 20 years. The titles indexed range from popular magazines such as North and South and Consumer to more specialised journals such as New Zealand Law Review and Art New Zealand. Index New Zealand is updated daily and approximately 2,000 documents are added monthly. Subjects covered include general interest material, social research, current affairs, the arts and humanities. Some articles are full text but most are a description of the article. Some articles may be available through the EPIC databases or library staff can interloan an article for $1.50 per article. To search for articles visit Index New Zealand in our Library Catalogue.

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Ask A Librarian

Remember, the only dumb question is the question you don't ask! Librarians are professionally trained and have skills to help you find the best source of information, whether its online or in print. Kawerau Library staff can be contacted for reference queries by visiting the Library or phoning (07) 306 9041. We will also do e-mail queries ( for Library members who need to quote their Library membership number with the query.

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