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Our Identity

Coat of Arms

The Armorial Bearings

The Armorial Bearings for the Borough of Kawerau have been established and recorded in Her Majestys College of Arms. The Arms and Crest were granted and assigned on 16 July 1982.

The arms were received in Wellington from the New Zealand Herald Extraordinary to Her Majesty the Queen on 17May 1985 and presented at a special meeting of the Kawerau Borough Council on 5 June 1985.

This historic crest (Armorial Bearings) is hung in the Kawerau Council Chambers and its representation continues to be used on the Mayor's chain of office.

Description and explanation of the Coat of Arms design

The Arms have been designed to reflect the life, culture, industry and topography of the area. The indented line in the centre of the arms alludes to the teeth of a saw and stylised representation of pine trees to the forestry industry which is the commercial life of the District. The indented line also suggests energy. The three wavy lines depict the water of the Tarawera River.

The per chevron alludes to Putauaki (Mt Edgecumbe) which dominates the landscape. The indented line through this may also be taken to allude to the stories in Maori mythology where Putauaki, on his journey from Tarawera to Whakaari (White Island) was overtaken by the dawn and compelled to take up his present position.

The green represents the forest and natural beauty of the area while the gold represents the wealth of the District attributed to the forestry industry.

The early settlement by the Maori people and the agricultural importance of the area depicted with the Ko (digging stick).

The Crest is in the form of a Maori head, Koruru. This device was taken from the Mayoral chain of the District. It represents the rich Maori history of the area. The form of Koruru is one commonly used on Meeting Houses in the Bay of Plenty.

Council Logo

In March 2007, Kawerau District Council adopted the current logo (pictured). This is now the Councils corporate brand and was represented in all visual corporate productions from May 2007.

The Kawerau District Council logo, depicting the unique attributes of the District, was developed from an original concept designed by Hilary Fitzpatrick for the Communitys 50th Anniversary celebrations.

The logo was established to provide an overarching visual medium for the Council and the Community to establish consistent branding and promotional messages portraying the Kawerau District as a desirable place to live, work, visit and invest.

Description and explanation of the Logo design

The three green peaks of the symbol represent the bush covered mountains of Tarawera, Maungawhakamana and Putauaki (Mt Edgecumbe) which dominate the landscape.

The blue ribbon depicts the Tarawera River which emanates from the side of Mt Tarawera, flows through the valley and past Kawerau on its way to the sea.

The white space between the river and the mountains depicts the fertile plain that Kawerau rests on, while the golden globe symbolizes the sun and the warm sunny climate of the area.

The white symbol at the base of Putauaki represents rejuvenation and renewal as well as the geothermal activity that is abundant in the area.

It is these attributes the mountains, the river, the climate and the geothermal activity that make the Kawerau District a

Taonga o te Whenua

Treasure of the Land

The following sections are an extract from the Council's current Long Term Plan.

Council Vision

To be the best Council in New Zealand.

Mission Statement

1. To represent the interests and aspirations of the Kawerau Community, within and beyond the District.

2. To promote the social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing of the Kawerau Community.

3. To continue to provide an industrial base within the District for established industries and their supporting businesses.

4. To promote the advantages of Kawerau in order to grow the District population and to further encourage industrial investment and development.

5. To ensure that the independence of the District is maintained.

Statement of Principles

To achieve its mission, Council will:

1. Provide services, facilities and infrastructure that can support a high quality of life in Kawerau.

2. Engender an attitude of cost effectiveness, customer service and Community responsiveness.

3. Engage with all sectors of the Community to determine their needs and priorities.

4. Maintain a fair system of rating to ensure that Council services are sustainable and satisfy Community needs.

5. Inform and seek feedback from the Community about Council's current and planned activities.

6. Work cooperatively with government agencies, territorial authorities and other stakeholders to maintain or improve Council services.

7. Maintain relationships with industry and business groups represented in the District.

8. Promote the District to attract development.