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Wood Chopping Competion

(featuring NZ Stihl Timbersports Team Members)

Saturday 30 September, Prideaux Park, Kawerau 

The Wood Chopping competition at Kawerau Woodfest will be hosting a team race competition consisting of three disciplines, Standing Block Chop, Underhand Chop and a Jack and Jill Sawing. The athletes have to prove their competitive ability. Strength, endurance and the perfect handling of the technical equipment decide on victory or defeat.

Teams will have six competitors consisting of Jack and Jill sawyers, two Underhand axemen and two Standing Block axemen. 

Stihl Timbersports Representatives

Stihl Timbersports is a global phenomenon, created in North America and competed annually throughout the world; all to determine the best lumberjacks around.

New Zealand has a fantastic record in this sport and once again members of the 2016 will be attending Kawerau Woodfest.

They will be matched up against the best of the regional teams in a serious; yet friendly competition!  These are the real heavy weights of international lumberjack sports.

The disciplines...


Jack and Jill Sawing contests consist of a man and woman and are against time. Starting cuts of no more than one-half inch deep, in order to set the teeth of the saw, are allowed. Logs must be cut completely through. Timing starts on the signal 'GO' and ends when the block is severed. The wood is 400mm pine. The world record for this event was set in 2005 by Jason and Karmyn Wynyard with a time of 6.17 seconds





This discipline simulates felling a tree with an axe.  A vertically secured block of wood (diameter 325mm) has to be chopped through from both sides as quickly as possible.  Optimum placing of the axe and a powerful swing are the factors that ensure rapid success in this discipline. The current New Zealand in the standing block chop for 325mm of Poplar wood is 16.37 seconds.






This discipline simulates cutting up a felled tree.  The athletes stand on a horizontally positioned block and must cut through a 325 mm thick trunk with their axe.  The block has to be chopped from both sides.  Cutting through from one side only leads to disqualification in this discipline. The current New Zealand in the underhand chop for 325mm of Poplar wood is 13.01 seconds.




As a special feature there will also be a Springboard event this year.

In this discipline, two springboards are slotted one below the other into a vertical tree trunk.  The aim is to cut through a block of wood on top of the trunk (diameter 275 cm) at a height of about 2.80 m above the ground.  Springboard is also described as the "supreme discipline" because as well as precise technique and strength, it also requires balance and skill from the athlete

The late Dave Bolstad set a new world record of: 41.15 in 2003 besting his previous world record time of: 41.63 in 2001



 A fine achievement