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Sideshows & Attractions

Prideaux Park will have a range of attractions to keep all ages happy, with the Waterwheel Zone, Gypsy Fair, Thrill rides, Kiddies rides and plenty of food!

The Waterwheel Zone

One of the Woodfest attractions which will appeal to young and old alike will be the Waterwheel Zone, with a collection of restored historical farm machinery and live demonstrations it will be well worth stepping back in time into the lives of our pioneering fore fathers.

The Waterwheel project began in 1990 by people in the Eastern Bay of Plenty keen to preserve a vanishing history – the industrial archaeology of New Zealand.

A community company was registered, the Whakatane Heritage and Recreation Co. Ltd.

For 21 years, volunteers have saved or restored donated machinery, vehicles and equipment in excess of $2 million assets worth, several to working order. Daily diaries reflect this endeavor and protect the knowledge of volunteers, some retired tradesmen who have since passed away.

The project has a second aim, to provide opportunities to young and old in the surrounding community. At present the Trust is operating with a 6 month employment scheme which offers six local young people the opportunity to learn and gain valuable trade based skills, whilst restoring items in the Trusts extensive collection. The older volunteers are able to pass on trade, workshop and life skills to unskilled younger people, in many instances providing confidence and direction.

In 2006, the community company became a charitable trust, Waterwheel Historic Trust.

The Trust will be transporting a variety of their valuable collection to Kawerau Woodfest on display for all to see.

The heritage park is named The Waterwheel Heritage Park. The Trust and heritage park project are commonly referred to as The Waterwheel and you can get a taste of some of the historical collection this year at Woodfest.


Kids Rides, Gypsy Fair & more....

This year at Woodfest we have plenty of attractions with Outdoor Amusements and the Little Entertainment Company providing fun for the smaller children with a range of bouncy castles, chairoplane and much more.

The travelling Gypsy Fair will be in full attendance with their first festival of the year and plenty of good old festival food will be available throughout the weekend.