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Friday 22nd September - Sunday 1st October 2017



Top timber sculpting artists will have a full week to work on their pieces with no restrictions on what tools can be used to create their art.  The organisers hope to see some world class sculptures being made in this symposium event.  The timber will be selected by a ballot and all the pieces wilol be for sale.  Proceeds from this attraction will be donated to the East Bay Hosipice.

Chainsaw Carving is internationally recognised as one of the most incredible art forms of the modern era. To take a tree or log in its roar form and visualise it as a 3 dimensional sculpture, using only imagination and a grunty chainsaw, has to be worth some serious acknowledgement!

For almost 20 years now at Kawerau Woodfest, NZ chainsaw carvers have been plying their trade in front of the gathering Kiwi Woodfest crowds.

1000’s of people pass through and take a look at each carver nurture their block of wood into something one off and unique. 

Watching them carve away is quite mesmerising and if you literally walk away for too long you will miss the amazing wood transformation that reveals itself during the day. 

Sheer brilliance in motion!