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The AIE Pacific Toyota Big Dig & Diddy Dig

The organisers would like to say a big thanks to all our supporters which help to make this attraction happen.

Only in Kawerau will you see the amazing sight of extreme Woodchip shoveling.

Will the Riteway Diggerz defend their World Champ title in 2013.

Eight teams will shovel it out for supremacy, with 3 team members attempting to shovel 3 cubic metres of locally produced wood chip into a giant ‘Foote’ bin and all before the other team.

The equation is simple – do it faster than your opponents and you will go through to the next knockout round!

The winners will cash in a massive $1000 for their efforts and the reigning champions ‘Riteway Rigging’ will certainly be the team to watch out for having won it both years so far.

You can see The AIE Pacific Toyota Big Dig World Champs on Sunday 15th September near the woodchoppers.

The AIE Pacific Toyota Big Dig is simply a competition of real grit and determination and only the physically and mentally fit will overcome the challenge of shovelling 3 cubic metres of locally produced woodchip into the giant Footebins.




The Pacific Toyota Diddy Dig



Incepted in 2011 by KDC Events Co-ordinator Lee Barton the Pacific Toyota Diddy Dig is simply a must see at Kawerau Woodfest on Saturday 14th September.  Similar to the Big Dig, teams of 4 local children from our Primary Schools will dig it out against 3 other teams at a time. 

The challenge is a moderate half cubic metre of Woodchip shoveled into a specially made 'Birchill Bin', kindly built by Colin Birchill for the inaugral competition.  Top two teams in each round will go through to a winners semi and knockout competition. 

Last year Kawerau South School took out the coveted Diddy Dig trophy which will be up for grabs again this year along with a heap of spot prizes to keep all the local tamariki happy!