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Chainsaw Races

KFL Chainsaw Races

There will two days of top 2 stroke chainsaw action at Kawerau Woodfest this year. On Saturday we have the third year of the KFL Pro Logger races. This will see fully professional loggers from various local contractors racing against each other, each logger must make 10 straight cuts on a 2.2 metre log faster than his opposition. The fastest operators will then make it through to the next round, this year the winner will receive $800 cash.

The loggers which compete in this race are normally somewhere deep in the surrounding forestry earning a living, but for this one occasion, Woodfest comers are really treated to a fine demonstration of the ultimate in chainsaw operators.

Kajavala Forestry Limited (KFL) is the main employer in Kawerau for chainsaw operators and is a key business in driving the local economy. The organisers of Kawerau Woodfest would like to acknowedge the time and effort which KFL put into making this a fantastic attraction at the event, along with the other main supporter Hancock's Forestry management for supplying the logs.

Another great spin off from this competition is the Keep Kawerau Beautiful organisation assist with the clean up of the logs during the races and in return they distribute the split logs among the elderly community in Kawerau who can't normally source their own firewood.

For more information on the rules and entry forms click here.