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Regulatory Frameworks

New Zealand has a two-tiered regulatory framework for environmental management under the Resource Management Act 1991.

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council manages and provides guidelines on public resources such as air quality, soil, water and geothermal usage. Resource consents are required for discharges to air, land and water bodies and for extraction and use of water and geothermal steam. With a long history of wood processing and use of geothermal for energy, the requirements are well established and workable for industry typical of this District.

In 2014, the Region commissioned the booklet Building a Better Bay Click  17.2 MB

The Kawerau District Council provides rules and guidelines for land use and development in its District Plan. Our regulatory framework is orientated towards big industry. The District Plan allows for a wide range of activities provided the operation meets performance standards.

If you would like further information on our District Plan please contact the Manager, Regulatory and Planning on 07 306 9009