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Kawerau demonstrates a depth of experience and expertise in a number of key areas including low carbon manufacturing, transport and engineering.   Existing industrial synergies illustrate how organisations working together result in excellence, efficiency and effectiveness.

Extensive rail, road and port infrastructure in the Kawerau region allows for cost effective and reliable transport to market destinations across the globe.   The Port of Tauranga, only 100 km from Kawerau, is currently the most productive port in Australiasia and is ahead of Singapore by 14 percent based on gross crane productivity.

A planned $30 million extension to the Tauranga Wharf terminal and crane facilities will allow the handling of larger container ships and an increase in productivity.   Tauranga will become one of the few port calls for the larger container ships able to carry 7,000 TEU's.

Kawerau and the wider region operate a range of specialist industry training programmes to ensure that its workforce are highly skilled and have current operational knowledge.