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Economic Development

The Region's Economy

During 2014, the Region produced a booklet describing the economic significance of the entire Bay region. Download the document here Building a Better Bay Click 1.72 MB

The District's Economy

Situated in the heart of New Zealand's principal forestry region, Kawerau is a well established wood processing centre supported by a highly skilled and internationally competitive engineering and maintenance service cluster.

A major contributor to the success of this industry has been access to energy from geothermal fields located within the District which not only provides industry with security of supply and price stability of electricity, but delivers considerable benefits through direct heat processes.

The Kawerau geothermal field not only has the capability to substantially increase electricity production but can support commercial opportunities that require a consistent direct heat facility.

The unique business environment in Kawerau makes it the logical site for sustainable industrial development. Here you will find a winning combination of abundant renewable energy, sustainably-grown forestry, excellent logistics, proven operational expertise and a stable, productive economy.

Kawerau can deliver low-carbon, low risk and high value solutions to companies seeking new opportunities to expand their operations while minimising environmental impact.

Kawerau District Council's Economic Development Strategy supports the development Energy, Wood Processing, Niche Manufacturing, Waste, and Social Infrastructure.   Download Economic Development Strategy Click to Download Reader 5.82 MB to read the full document.