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Industrial Land

Industrial land within the Kawerau District lies to the north east of the township. Currently there is approximately 200 hectares of heavy industrial activity and 50 hectares accommodating storage, light industry, manufacturing and value added enterprises.

The transfer of approximately 160 ha of land from the Whakatane District to the Kawerau District occurred in March 2011 to provide for future industrial development. Up to 80 ha will be zoned Industrial by the Kawerau District Council and made progressively available for use. The landowner plans to offer sites on a long term leasehold tenure. Contact John O'Brien, General Manager, Putauaki Trust by telephone on 07 323 6400 or email .   A map Putauaki Trust Industrial Zone Click to Download Reader 733 kB can be downloaded for reference.

The Industrial District sits above the geothermal field and is in close proximity to Mighty River Power's Kawerau Station. As it is currently a hub for log processing, the rail link to the Tauranga Port runs through the zone. Natural gas is reticulated to the area by suppliers BOP Energy and Genesis Energy.

The unique business environment in Kawerau makes it the logical site for sustainable industrial development.