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Neighbourhoods of Healthy Homes (NoHH)

Logo of neighbourhoods of Healthy HomesNeighbourhoods of Healthy Homes started in August 2012 in the Robinson St, Normanby St and 1-30 Grey St area of Kawerau. There are more than 700 homes under the NoHH umbrella, with 274 houses taking advantage of the free service to receive an energy and maintenance check and getting advice on how they can save energy costs and what maintenance tasks are needed.

The NoHH team ensures households are taking advantage of the government insulation programme and electrical inspections are carried out where required. To date 54 homes have had insulation installed and 106 homes have had electrical inspections through the programme.The focus is on making homes warmer, drier and healthier, while also helping people build their neighbourhoods into great places to live.

Neighbourhoods of Healthy Homes programme co-ordinator Hannah Edwardson has introduced a weekly activity programme for neighbours to enjoy together. Hannah says people are enjoying coming along and can participate as much or as little as they'd like. Regular barbecues are held so neighbours can get to know each other, and DIY workshops provide plenty of tips for people wanting to improve the look of their homes.

NoHH was a finalist in the 2015 Local Government New Zealand Project Awards, and this helped maintain the programme's profile. NoHH was also included in a video by documentary-maker Bryan Bruce for a series on housing and health issues.

Kawerau District Council manages Neighbourhoods of Healthy Homes and Bay Trust and Eastern Bay Energy Trust provide funding.

For further information contact Hannah Edwardson, phone 027 703 7413 or email

Renovating Homes in Disrepair

Council has approved a project to upgrade the housing stock in Kawerau while at the same time providing employment and trades training in the town. Council will buy selected homes that are in an advanced state of disrepair, renovate them, and then sell them on the open market to recover costs. House Selection Criteria Click (30 kB)

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